Morphological studies of the landscape in Västerbottens Inland

Exhibition at Konstens Hus, Luleå, 2001 
  Morphological Studies/ Art. 2001 Plaster,foam,wood 120x180 cm  
  Morphological Studies / Site. 2001 Plaster,foam,wood,100x200 cm  
  Morphological Studies Hunting and Fishing. 2001 Plaster,foam,wood, 100 x120 cm Index
  Structual Studies of a small village in Västerbottens Inland. Plaster 2003 Total of 6 pieces  








  Inland Housing Bronze. Cafékeeper, Carpenter and Farmer. Total of 7 pieces  







Bridges From exhibition Bodens Konsthall 1994. Bronze 20 cm





Exhibition at Gallery. Bildhörnan 1992

  Emma´s Chair. Granite 200 cm 1992  
  Chair with footstool. Granite 140 cm 1991  
  Mother with sleeping child. Granite 250 cm. Index